We are the largest national vehicle logistic company. Each year we pick up and deliver over 1.8 million cars all over the continental U.S. and Alaska. We handle all types of vehicles and take pride in the safe delivery of everything we transport. Through rain, sun, sleet, and snow, United Road is Driven to Deliver. We have 6 subsidiary companies under our umbrella, including Autolog and…


Vehicle Transport USA is the retail division of United Road Vehicle Logistics, the premier vehicle logistic provider in North America. Each year, coast to coast and across the borders, United Road is responsible for the safe and timely delivery of over 1.8 million vehicles. Our many satisfied clients include all major global vehicle manufacturers, re-marketers, financial institutions, auctions, dealers and retail single units, not to mention the owners of private vehicles. With all of this experience, you can trust us to deliver your vehicle on time and damage free. Across the city or across the country, United Road is Driven to Deliver.


Since 1988, Pilot Transport has provided closed carrier transportation services to the automotive manufacturers and their subsidiaries. Pilot Transport is a niche carrier specializing in transporting research and development, show, and prototype vehicles…unique vehicles that need special handling and care to prevent damage. The specialty vehicles are enclosed and therefore safe and secure. Whether your vehicles are moving across town or across the country, call the carrier whose sole purpose is to ensure that your important vehicles are delivered "On time and damage free".


Since 1983, Alaska Vehicle Transport, a Division of United Road Services Inc., has serviced the needs of our valued customers. United Road Alaska’s drivers are professionally trained to haul even the toughest loads across the toughest terrains the Alaskan Highway system has to offer, including the delivery of new and used vehicles to the rugged and far North Slope of Alaska. We employ the best drivers in the industry to operate our state of the art, specially built car haulers, to ensure the safe and timely delivery of vehicles anywhere in Alaska or across the lower 48.


At, you can view available inventory in real-time; select traffic that matches your needs; print, email or fax Bill of Ladings for the shipments selected; provide updates on your progress (pick-up or delivered); view and download historical shipments; run various performance reports; and get paid. Access the site 24/7,from the comfort of your office or your truck. It's simple to enroll and once you are registered, you'll have access to thousands of vehicle shipments each month. Whether you need a single unit to fill out your truck, a regional load to get you down the road, or if you want to establish yourself as one of our local carriers (in most major metropolitan areas), United Road has the opportunities.


The United Road Transportation Logistics Club is a program that allows you to team up with other dealerships in your area when relocating vehicles from auction, to provide you with faster, reliable, cost effective shipping. Now you don't have to bear the load on your own. You can share the load with other TLC members. There's no fee to join and you could see savings of up to 40%. Sign up to enroll and start saving today.

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